Zabbix Appliance extend Volume

We use Zabbix to monitor almost everything, from UPS boxes through to routers, switches, even printers.  Today we were welcomed with the following issue:

Warning: Free disk space is less than 20% on volume /

As it the error suggests, the stock 20Gb VHD file for Zabbix Appliance is filling up.  It wasn’t a straight forward process to extend the volume once you had made the changes in HyperV.  The following steps will allow this volume to be extended and then applied to Zabbix Appliance.

To Extend the volume of Zabbix Appliance:

1: Extend the VHDX through HyperV disk manager

2: Boot Zabbix VM via a live bootable distro and load Gpartd – I used ‘Parted Magic’ but any live distro will do.

3: Extend volume, if unable to extend volume and can see the Padlock or Key icon, select ‘deactivate’ and resize.

4: Exit Gpartd and shutdown Zabbix Appliance

5: Remove bootable ISO and start Zabbix Appliance

6: Login to Zabbix Appliance via command line and enter the following:

sudo lvextend –l +100%FREE [MOUNTPOINT]

expand filesystem:

sudo resize2fs [MOUNTPOINT]

if you need to find the Mountpoint, use

sudo lvdisplay

You should now have an extended disk size in your Zabbix Appliance