How-To Deploy Adobe Reader with GPO

Download, Customize, and Deployment method of Adobe Reader 11



Download the latest EXE package from:
(Apply to distribute Reader – Fill fields – Accept and Submit)
You will find download link in the email.

Download and Install “Adobe Customisation Wizard XI”


Administrative Install Point

Run the following commands to extract the EXE file:
c:\AdbeRdr11004_en_US.exe -nos_ne -nos_o”C:\Extract”
(update filename to latest version)

msiexec /a C:\Extract\AcroRead.msi
(When the install dialogues prompt for a location, install to ‘C:\Install’)

msiexec /a C:\Install\AcroRead.msi /p C:\Extract\AdbeRdrUpd11004.msp
(When the install dialogues prompt for a location, install to ‘C:\Install’)

Copy ‘setup.ini’ from ‘C:\Extract’ to C:\Install’



Open “Adobe Customisation Wizard XI”
File – Open Package (C:\Install\AcroRead.msi)

Personalization tab:
EULA display – Suppress

Installation tab:
Installation – Silently (no interface), Reboot – Suppress

Online tab:
Disable: Updates, Help > Purchase, Help > Digital – Product Improvement, All Adobe online

Click File – Save Package


GPO Deployment

Copy folder “C:\Install” to “\\%UserDomain%\NETLOGON\AcroRead”

Open “Group Policy Management MMC”
Open OU of testing computers – Right-Click and “Create GPO and Link it here”
(no need to upgrade existing package – installer will remove old version anyway)

Name it according to the version – “Deploy_AcroRead_11.0.04”
Edit GPO – Expand “Computer Configuration – Policies – Software Settings”

Right click “Software Installations” and select ‘New – Package’
Browse to “\\%UserDomain%\NETLOGON\AcroRead” and select the MSI

Select deployment method: Advanced
Under “Modifications” tab, press “Add” and select the MST file.
Press OK to save the installation package.

Right-Click the GPO and set “GPO Status” to “User Configuration Settings Disabled” (speed-up startup)



Assign GPO to Test OU, Run “gpupdate /force” – restart on prompt

If install went OK, assign the GPO to Production OUs.